Selling On Amazon

selling_on_amazonAmazon is one of the world’s largest e-Commerce giants. It provides people with a good platform where they can buy and sell their goods. In addition, the company also offers logistic services for your products. This makes it the best to use e-Commerce platform. These services enable the company to provide its customers with the needed pick pack and deliver service.

Sellers who wish to post their products in Amazon are supposed to  buy Amazing Selling Machine and to open an account with the platform where they are given their space of posting the products. For sellers who are able to sell less than 40 products or items in a month, they are supposed to pay a little percentage of the money they get on each product. Other users who manage to sell over 40 products in a month are supposed to pay some monthly payments listed in the site.

In order to sell your products in Amazon, one should also advertise his products on other online platforms such as social networks. It is practical that buyers will not buy products with no features and descriptions. To prevent this, one should ensure that when posting your products, you should make sure that you have included the descriptions of the product and the features that the product has. This helps in the increase of interest to potential buyers who can purchase the product. In addition, when posting your products in other online platforms, you should also include the link to your products in the post. This will also increase the traffic of your product and in the process get buyers.

For customers who have websites, it is good to include the product links in your site that will lead your website users to the products that you have listed in Amazon. However, Amazon provides a service that is called Amazon fulfillments. This service helps Amazon to offer you the logistic service. A seller who wishes to increase his or her sales registers with the fulfillment service, and buys a space in the fulfillment center. This is where you will be storing your products when they are purchased to ease the flow of the products to the consumer. The logistic costs are calculated by the grams and the type of your product and are provided in Amazon website.

It is good for sellers to note that posting the products in Amazon is not enough. Increasing the traffic to your products and giving them good descriptions is the major factor that leads to increased Amazon sales.

Launch of FB MasterClass & Youtube Annihilation (YTA)

Facebook is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most lucrative ideas ever. It is lucrative for the creators and share holders but it is also extremely lucrative for marketer and businesses in general. To be more precise, it can be lucrative for marketers and businesses, for those who know how to take proper advantage of it.

Still, because of the nature of the Facebook platform and the type of visitors, the efforts of many marketers who tried all kinds of schemes and strategies to transform FB into a cash pumping source were in vain.

It can be pretty frustrating to know that you have what could be considered as the second source of traffic on the internet and not be able to capitalize on it. And this is where Mario Brown comes in.

Mario is a well-known internet marketer who ventured in many different types of make money online ventures, ranging from SEO to local marketing all the way to Facebook marketing. After a LOT of testing over the past nine months, Mario finally came up with an effective strategy to leverage Facebook advertising for different types of monetization models.

Whether we’re talking about lead generation, local marketing, webinar sales funnels… Mario’s FB MasterClass will show you how to go about your Facebook advertising to make it work in your precise case.

FB MasterClass Facebook Advertising course will teach you how to set up your campaigns and landing pages to convert your visitors into leads or sales. Pretty advanced stuff will be covered, but none of the basics will be ignored. So, no matter your level, you will definitely be able to benefit from this course.

Just make sure you check a good FB MasterClass review before making the jump to see if it’s the right thing for you or not.

Mario’s product is more about paid Facebook advertising, so if you are more interested in free ways to leverage Facebook’s power then you should check Fanpage Cashflow by Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis.

Also, Boris Berjan is launching his Youtube Annihilation course at the beginning of December, exactly on the 10th of December.

The great thing about these 2 courses is that they go very well hand in hand to allow you to dominate the social aspect of online marketing.

Here are some statistics on Youtube:

Youtube and Facebook are indeed the biggest sources of traffic right after Google. So, don’t miss this opportunity to tap into these 2 great streams of traffic.